Mint Allover Teardrop Sequin Fabric Sold By The Yard # 00356


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Drop Sequin Fabric is a flashy and shiny type of fabric that when made into anything is sure to make that item stand out. Drop Sequin Fabric has a translucent mesh backing which allow the fabric to have a  slight 5% stretch. The scale flakes are intricately woven to the mesh fabric and mostly cover the fabric. The shape of the flakes are a sort of a water/tear drop shape.


Can be used for Dresses, Costumes, Gowns, Shoes, Dress and Clothing Linings, Handbags, Clothing Accessories, + more

Products Details:

  • Made From 100% Polyester

  • Width: 50"

  • Slight 5% Stretch

  • Sold In Continuous Yards